MaidPro Battles COVID-19

Updated: April 8, 2020

Coronavirus Outbreak Answers | COVID-19 in Context

Are there items we should clean more than others? Coronavirus Outbreak Answers | COVID-19 in Context. Paul Campanario of MaidPro answers your cleaning questions.

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Sanitation workers take steps to protect themselves and clients

As the public is becoming more aware of germs lurking on surfaces, sanitation workers are taking steps to protect themselves and their clients during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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PRO TIPS: Coronavirus cleaning for home and office

 Cleaning and disinfecting can feel tedious but if you’re protecting yourself and your family from coronavirus, it’s crucial.

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Keeping a germ free home during the COVID-19 outbreak

Many of us are spending more time in our homes, so why not keep a germ free home?

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Tips for sanitizing and disinfecting your home

MaidPro Roseville owners David and Sara Filipps shared tips for cleaning and disinfecting your home during the stay-at-home order.

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The best disinfectants for viruses and which ingredients to look for

Home cleaning tips and ways to create household cleaners

Paul Campanario, President of MaidPro Bakersfield, joined 17 News at Sunrise to share some tips for cleaning at home and how to make common household cleaners.

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Crucial COVID-19 Cleaning Tips: How To Keep Your Home Virus-Free During the Pandemic

Probably one of the most disturbing details to recently emerge about COVID-19 is just how long the virus can live on surfaces.


Algunos negocios esenciales continúan operaciones

Hoy ya tenían que cerrar los negocios que no son considerados como esenciales por el estado.

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Boston Business Journal: Cleaning service businesses clean up

At Boston Logan International Airport, crew members in masks and gloves wipe down frequently touched surfaces. Businesses, hotels and other commercial spaces send out notes to consumers indicating they’ll clean more frequently.

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Valiosos consejos de limpieza en medio de la Pandemia

Una empresa en Naples ofrece valiosos consejos de limpieza para evitar la propagacion del Coronavirus.

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9 EPA-Registered Coronavirus Cleaning Products

COVID-19 sparks major increase in local cleaning business

Bryan Leasure, owner of MaidPro, said despite businesses closing, his is essential to keep other businesses and homes clean from the virus.

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6 myths about the new coronavirus

Given the disruption the virus has caused in Americans’ daily lives, it’s understandable rumors and misinformation would spread just as the virus itself does. Here are some of the more common myths about the new coronavirus, where it came from and the risk it poses to the average Idahoan.

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Despite the current spike in jobless claims, many Americans are working, and not from home.

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While some report boom, other Loveland-area cleaning services say COVID-19 driving down business


How to clean and sanitize your home amid COVID-19

As both homeowners and businesses try to keep their environments germ-free, cleaning companies are seeing a big uptick in requests for sanitizing services.

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Vital but vulnerable, cleaners hold the line against a virus

Cleaning workers are often the first line of defense against the global COVID-19 pandemic, cleaning and disinfecting homes, medical facilities and public spaces where the novel coronavirus could spread


MaidPro, Home Cleaning Franchise, Releases Emergency COVID-19 Disinfecting Program for Homes and Businesses

MaidPro, a house cleaning business, has released a Daily Disinfecting Defense program for office and commercial spaces in response to the rising spread of the Coronavirus (COVID-19).

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These employees can’t work from home, even with coronavirus

Despite the CDC recommending people keep their distance, some employees have to show up to work.

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SWFL cleaning businesses booming, share tips on sanitizing your home

You can’t go to any business without seeing workers in masks, using spray bottles and towels to wipe away any traces of the coronavirus.

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These employees can’t work from home, even with coronavirus

Despite the CDC recommending people keep their distance, some employees have to show up to work 



Larimer County cleaning franchise sees more business as coronavirus concerns grow

MaidPro, a residential cleaning franchise, sees increase in residential and commercial clients as concerns grow a about coronavirus.

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Cleaning company sees spike in calls amid coronavirus pandemic

As people around the world try to protect themselves, cleaners here at home are seeing a spike in calls.

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Marin housecleaners adapt to coronavirus angst

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Home cleaning and disinfecting tips amid coronavirus concerns

Disinfecting and cleaning your home are practices that everyone should follow regularly to prevent the spread of COVID-19 or any other illness. MaidPro Reno uses a 49 point checklist to clean homes.

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How to properly disinfect your home from viruses

Long lines and empty department store shelves are becoming a common sight in northern Nevada. Thousands of people stocking up on household necessities, but most of all, cleaning supplies.

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Cleaning companies see influx in business as coronavirus spreads

As the numbers of coronavirus cases grow, cleaning companies in Southwest Florida said they have been getting more business.

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Boston company explains how to properly wipe down surfaces to prevent the spread of coronavirus

A local company is making an added effort to prevent the spread of coronavirus in homes and offices across Massachusetts.

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MaidPro Releases Internal Training Video on Corona Preparedness to Help Inform Public & Businesses on How to Stay Safe

MaidPro, a residential cleaning business, has released their internal training video on Corona Preparedness to help communities stay safe during the rising spread of the virus. This is the first time MaidPro has made one of their professional training videos available to the public.

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Cleaning businesses see boost amid coronavirus concerns

Stopping the spread of coronavirus can begin at home, and businesses that specialize in home cleaning are seeing a boost.

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Home Cleaning Businesses See Spike as Fears About COVID-19 Rise

Local cleaning services see uptick in business due to coronavirus fears. Marcus Espinoza reports on how local cleaning services are seeing a demand for their services, due to coronavirus fears

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Coronavirus scare is big business for cleaning services in southwest Florida


COLLIER COUNTY — Coronavirus is causing many to panic, and one company in our area is capitalizing on the frenzy. MaidPro said it’s getting more requests than ever, with people wanting to get their homes deep-cleaned. Right now, the company says it's cleaning more than 250 homes every day.

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Coronavirus anxiety means a business boost for some in MetroWest

Judy Briggs owns a cleaning business in Hopkinton. Concern about coronavirus is good for her business.

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Keeping living and work spaces germ-free during coronavirus pandemic

These steps include hand-washing, avoiding touching your face, and staying home when you are sick.

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Home Cleaning Businesses See Spike as Fears About COVID-19 Rise


MaidPro, a residential house cleaning business, has reported a spike in home cleaning requests as fears and cases of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) increase. Many people are reaching out to the professional cleaners for a disinfecting clean of their entire home.